We cover all aspects of the conservation and restoration of Antique Clocks.


All the clocks received into the workshop are carefully examined, this involves either partial or full dismantling. A list is then made of all the work required to restore the clock as closely as possible to its original condition. The list is used to assess the amount of time needed to repair each item and from this an estimate of the cost can be prepared and sent to the client for approval.

Our aim is always to retain as much of the original clock as possible and where new parts have to be made, they are hand made using the same processes and the same materials as were used in the original construction. Since every antique clock part is unique and no two parts are identical it is important to be able to recognise the individual style of each maker and replicate his work when a new part is made. For example when cutting wheels we make our own cutters to match exactly the tooth profiles of the originals.

Areas we cover

We also provide a free delivery and collection service locally. Please enquire to see if you’re covered.